Celebrating 20 Years of the APU Alumni Association: A Recap of APU Global Family Day (Dec. 16, 2023)

On December 16th, 2023, “APU Global Family Day” was held as an opportunity for alumni from Japan and abroad to gather through various projects to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the APU Alumni Association. Domestic and overseas Board Members and Chapter Leaders gathered on campus over a 3-day period (Dec. 14-Dec.16) to reflect on the past achievements of the APU Alumni Association and to build new bonds with the university. The event also served as a platform for the Alumni Association to reaffirm its commitment to supporting APU, and the event concluded with a welcome to incoming President Yoneyama and a warm farewell to outgoing President Deguchi.

We are delighted to share the highlights of “APU Global Family Day,” an extraordinary event that brought together alumni from across Japan and around the world.

(1) Opening

During the opening speeches, eight speakers took the stage, including five alumni, two current students from Loop.AS, and a representative from Beppu City Hall, affirming the bonds within the APU family and local community.

(2) Global Connections: Alumni and Students from Around the World Unite

A total of 16 organizations, including overseas chapters, participated in networking for students and alumni to exchange by region.

Participating Chapters: Africa, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Europe, Latin America, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Chubu, Kanto, Kansai, Fukuoka, Oita

Participating Groups: APU Kids School, APU REN (APU Researchers and Educators Network)

(3) Networking with faculty members (total: 17 faculty from various departments and regions)

Faculty and alumni were delighted to reconnect with one another and form new connections with current students.

(4) Kid’s Events

Children’s events were organized by APU Kids School and Student Activity Station (SAS), creating a fun learning experience for the younger participants.

(5) World Cafe

Alumni and students joined together in the cafeteria and engaged in free conversations over lunch. Participants also enjoyed a musical performance by alumni.

(6) Networking by student organizations (7 organizations in total)

Alumni and current students from the same circles and student staff had a chance to interact. Seven student organizations, including circles and student staff, facilitated interactions between alumni and current students.

(7) Career-specific networking by alumni (~100 participants)

Career events were held on a variety of career paths by our alumni, from first jobs for current students to mid-career employment for graduates. Finance, startups, manufacturing, and other topics were organized by alumni.

(8) Business Matching/Career Counseling (~200 alumni and students attended)

Thirteen companies and organizations from Oita Prefecture participated in a business matching session, connecting current students with employment opportunities and supporting graduates in their career transitions.

(9) Unforgettable Reception

The celebration culminated in a reception at Millennium Hall, attended by approximately 250 guests. The event included a pledge from APU Alumni Chairperson Morse, and greetings from outgoing President Deguchi and incoming President Yoneyama. A tear-jerking speech was made to thank President Deguchi for his dedicated service, and video messages from various chapters, groups, and past Presidents were shared. Livestreamed on YouTube, the reception has attracted over 1,300 views as of January 10, 2024. Lastly, a standing buffet-style social gathering was held in the cafeteria as the finale of the three-day event.

Future Collaboration between the APU Alumni Association and APU

As we move forward, the APU Alumni Association is poised for a promising future, dedicated to further collaboration with APU and continued support for its global community.

*More photos can be found on the APU Alumni Facebook Page: (1) APU Global Family Day (2023/12/16)… – Apu校友会 / APU Alumni | Facebook