Loop.A.S. is a student organization of the Alumni Association, and is engaged in activities to connect (loop) graduates (alumni) and current students. Through our activities (1) current students will be stimulated by graduates and lead a more fulfilling student life (2) graduates will gain vitality from current students (3) APU family will develop (4) members will grow (5) Alumni Association.

Our ultimate goal is to function as one of the three pillars, such as “GASS for high school students, FLAG for new students, and Loop.A.S. for graduates, and ultimately we will connect not only with seniors, but also bring companies and current students closer with such opportunities as internships or headhunting from companies.”

In order to achieve these goals and objectives, we are divided into the event domestic department, the event international department, the interview department, and the PR department.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to connect with current students or plan with current students!


Domestic Event Department

The Domestic Events Department plans and manages events that bring out the best interaction between graduates and current students, mainly towards domestic students; we also support events offered by graduates. In this team, being able to interact with graduates who are active in Japan and around the world is a great opportunity to expand our own possibilities too! Please come and visit our events! We believe that we can assist you in designing your career path!

International Event Department

As the international event team of Loop.A.S., we actively organize events that benefit us international students ranging from career guidance, job hunting strategies, internship tips, hacks to study Japanese, and so many more interesting topics to both alumni and current students! Keep an eye on Loop.A.S. social media platforms and apply for our events! We are here for you!

PR Department

The PR department is responsible for creating and posting images on Instagram and Twitter relating to Loop.A.S. events and interviews. In addition to the interviews, we also ask graduates to share their favorite places to eat in Beppu and share their stories about their time as university students; so be sure to check them out! This can come as a great opportunity to talk directly with alumni working in the field you are interested in! We hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Interview Department

The interview department interviews both graduates and current students in order to build a bridge between them, allowing them to get to know one another. Also, starting from this year and onwards, we have been focusing on articles in English in the hope that our articles are accessible to a variety of people! If you read an interview and think you would like to talk to a certain graduate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Loop.A.S.! We hope that our article will create a connection between graduates and current students!

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