Recruiting APU Alumni Association Board Member/Project Member

The APU Alumni Association is recruiting APU graduates who are interested in planning and operating association activities.
If you are interested, please apply for one of the positions below.

■Recruiting positions and numbers
[Board Team]
Director of Student Engagement:1
Leader of Marketing:1
20th Anniversary Project Leader:1
20th Anniversary Project Member:4

■ Content and mission for each position
Refer to Application requirements 2022

■ Term of office
Four years (maximum of two terms)

■ Eligibility
(1) Must be a regular member of the APU Alumni Association.
(2) Must be paying APU Alumni Association membership.

■ Ideal profile of candidates
(1) Has a passion for, and interest in, retaining relations with APU, organizational management, and operational planning.
(2) Can check email every day.
(3) Can participate in four online meetings per year.

■ Application method
Application form:

■ Application deadline
Sunday, June 2022 6/19 18:00

■ Announcement of selection
Sunday, June 2022 6/26

■ Selection process
Directors will be selected by APU Alumni Association.

■ Inquiries
APU Alumni Association