Taiwan Chapter General Assembly Held (Saturday, Oct 6)

On 18:30pm, Saturday, October 6th, the APU Student & Alumni Association Taiwan Chapter held their Annual General Assembly at Café Restaurant “Urban45” in Taipei City. The event was previously scheduled to take place the previous week on Saturday November 27, but was postponed owing to a typhoon that was expected to hit Taipei. There were 17 people in total present at the event, including Mr. Hayashi from the Secretariat of the Alumni Association and Ms. Tsai from the APU Taiwan Office.

The event commenced with a toast. The room was filled with chatter as old friends caught each other up on the latest and new connections were made.

Halfway through the evening, new board leaders for the chapter were nominated and elected. The new Chairperson is Yang Chia-Yi (APS 2005 Fall) and the new Vice Chair is Wang Chun Wen (APM 2005, Fall).

To end the evening, a raffle was held where winners were awarded with APU merchandise including APU cookies, mugs, etc.

The Taiwan Chapter plans to hold many more events in future under the guidance of the new leaders. We hope more graduates will be able to attend.