APU Student & Alumni Association Mongolian Chapter Launched

 The launch event for the Mongolian chapter was held on Saturday, October 6 at a hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

The event started at 16:00 with a speech by APU Vice President Yamagami and was followed by the appointment of the first officials of the Chapter. The new Officials are as follows:


Chairperson  : B. Badrakh (Zaya)
Vice Chair : T. Uranjargal (Heidy)
Vice Chair : G. Vanchindorj (Vanya)
Treasurer  : J. Ariunsuvd (Suvdaa)
Treasurer  : B. Gantulga (Ganaa)
Publicity : J. Ariunsaikhan (Ariunaa)
Publicity  : N. Sodchimeg (Sochi)
Publicity  : Ts. Uugantsetseg (Uuganaa)
Advisor  : B. Ankhbold (Ankhaa)


50 graduates were present at the reception which started at 17:30.

Special guests at the event included the Embassy of Japan in Mongolia, Japanese University Graduated Association of Mongolia (JUGAMO), Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Mongolia* and representatives from top corporations in Mongolia such as MobiCom.

The reception was opened with a speech by Ms. Badrakh, followed by a speech by Counselor Hayashi from the Embassy of Japan in Mongolia, who spoke on behalf of the invited guests. Finally, APU Vice President Yamagami proposed a toast and set the reception in motion.

The mood at the event was mellow, made even more so by performances from graduates and their children as well as a chorus of “nagasousou” sung by all present. Thus was Mongolia, the 14th Chapter of the APU Student & Alumni Association born.