Recruiting Director for APU Alumni Association


Hello Alumni.

Among the Board member of APU Alumni Association, the Director’s term is about to finish. Therefore we are recruiting new Directors according to the guidelines below.


【Recruiting Guidelines】

■Number of recruits

Director 5 people



From April 1, to March 31, 2019 (4 years)


■Application method

Please apply here



Jan 7 (Wed)


■Result notification

Beginning of Feb. 2015



Election by a nomination committee (according to the regulations)

(there will be an individual guidance through Skype during the screening process to explain the responsibilities of the Board)



To be a full/minor member of APU Alumni Association.


■Desired characteristics

①    Speak English or Japanese fluently (Meetings are mainly conducted in Japanese)

②    Strong volunteer spirit

③    Interest in planning events and work process

④    Ability to take action

⑤    Have concrete ambitions regarding Alumni Association



Please refer to the regulations for information regarding Board’s responsibilities.





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