Call for help: Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines(2)

We have received a message from Bayanihan, Filipino community at APU asking our continuous support to the typhoon hit islands in The Philippines.  Please take a look and take action.

Dear members of the Alumni Association,

As you might well know, our country, thePhilippines, was hit by super-typhoon Haiyan just a few days ago. This was the biggest typhoon that anyone has ever seen and it hit our country with full-force. With the typhoon came storm surges, flooding, landslides, flying debris and much more devastation. As of the moment, many areas are completely devastated and are of need of assistance. We still don’t know the full extent of the damage. We have been thankful for all those who have asked regarding our families and friends. As of now, some members of our Filipino community have family members in those affected areas but we are hopeful and we know that help is on the way.

Our Filipino community here at APU, under the circle “Bayanihan”, has met and are in the process of planning several projects and planning the donations. As of now these are the details that we have confirmed.


We have two major donation dates in place:

  1. A.     Goal date to donate: November 20, 2013

Beneficiary: Philippine Red Cross

  • We decided to donate to Philippine Red Cross due to their professional team, equipment, staff and resources that can readily help the people in the badly hit areas. Our aim for this donation is to give what we can as soon as possible for immediate relief.
  • We will be sending Filipino representatives from APU, Prof. Lailani Alcantara and several Filipino alumni students to meet the Red Cross Chairman to receive our donation. This will be done on November 25th, 2013 inManila.
  • Should you be interested in donating directly to Red Cross online, please check out their website at:


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