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Student Support (Student Activity Support Fund)

The APU Student & Alumni Association Student Activities Support Benefit was established in 2010 to support the activities of current APU students, who are also partial members of the Association. At the end of every year, a call is made for students who are the most outstanding individuals (or groups) in a certain given field. Two of the entrants are then selected to receive the award.

The beneficiaries are students who fulfill the criteria blow. The recepients are awarded at the APU Graduation Ceremony and the announcement made on the Association’s website.

Students or groups who have shows initiative in conducting events both on and off campus.
Students who conduct activities for which they can stand strong and proud and declare that they are the best.
EXAMPLES: “I have participated in the most global outreach programs in APU”, “we are the circle which has gone on the farthest excursion in APU”, “we are the circle with the most love for Japanese culture in APU”, etc. Please note that while self proclamations are welcome, blatant lies are not acceptable.


FY 2011 >>

GROUP : “マリキータ” Women’s Lacrosse Team
ABOUT : “We are the friendliest group in APU with the least hierarchical restrictions”
While this circle holds respect in high regards, the hierarchical constraints common to sports have consciously been done away with and all the members are free to speak their minds regardless of age or rank. In previous years, the circle joined forces with teams from other universities in order to participate in tournaments. However, since 2010, the APU team has been able to enter tournaments as an independent team. The membership is also on the rise. The team keeps getting better.


GROUP : APUstream
ABOUT : “We are the best Ustream broadcasting network in APU”
We get APU students together and broadcast from the library, 茂木健一郎氏の講演会, broadcasting from the houses of APU seniors, etc. We have procured a domain and built a website. We hope to brighten both APU and Beppu.


FY 2010 >>

GROUP : Cemi-tu’pui
ABOUT : “We love Beppu more than anyone else in APU”
We hold various events to liven up Beppu such as “APU Parade –Thank You Beppu–” and “APU Machinaka Festival 2010”.

NAME : Chiori Hayashida APS 3rd Year (at that time)
ACTIVITY : “I am at the forefront of fair trade in APU”
I guided mothers residing in Payatas province, Manila, Philippines on how to make stuffed animals for sale so as to gain self sufficiency.

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