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APU Almuni Groups

The APU Alumni has established, and actively supports, the “Alumni Group” system for members who get together with graduates of the same year, who want to organize a group of like-minded friends, or who gather with fellow APU graduates employed at the same workplace.

We look forward to more members getting actively involved and establishing new “Alumni Group”.

Please click here if you are considering establishing an Alumni Group.

Currently registered Alumni Groups are listed below.

Dreams club

President SEKI Kenta
Messages & Activities We hope to bring more self-confidence to the children living in foster homes. This is the philosophy of our association. Our aim is to teach them English and show them the differences in cultures all over the world and the incidents occurring today through presentations and workshops. The children has come to orphanages with several reasons, hence it would be a great chance for them to gain confidence if they know things about a nation’s culture or just simply that they are not alone, they have friends from many other countries. To our advantage, APU is a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment and our association will use that key to help the children open the door to the outside world.

APU Startup Founders

shutterstock_741463552 (1)-min

President NAGANO Yuta
Messages & Activities Welcome to APU Startup Founders!
We are a group of entrepreneurs and people interested in starting their own business from over 10 countries and regions. The purpose of this group is ;
-to discuss common challenges and concerns that startup founders have
-to share information with students and graduates who want to start a business or join a startup
-to advertise job openings and events
Our group will help link APU graduates beyond borders as well as connect with students to contribute to building a social entrepreneur network.

APU mother’s club

Representatives Maiko HIRAYAMA
membership 13
SNS_Title APU mother’s club
Messages & Activities  

TOKYO Yakarakai

President HAMAGUCHI Kenichi
PR IKARI Kunio / KAWAZOE Takaaki / MAEDA Akihiro
Messages & Activities After the establishment of APU, we have set up this group with Professor Fukutani as the center. Back then we used to carry out exchange event among the members, the school and its students in Beppu, however currently our group functions as a place for alumni with different occupations throughout Tokyo area to mingle. From now on we would like to focus our main objective as well as stabilize the number of members, then endeavour our best to build the mutually beneficial relationship. Furthermore, we would promote the socialization among members by holding a talk session with the topic of Nurturing Global Human Resources in Tokyo Campus.

America group

President NAKAMURA Tomoya
Messages & Activities coming soon
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