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APU Almuni Groups

The APU Alumni has established, and actively supports, the “Alumni Group” system for members who get together with graduates of the same year, who want to organize a group of like-minded friends, or who gather with fellow APU graduates employed at the same workplace.

We look forward to more members getting actively involved and establishing new “Alumni Group”.

Please click here if you are considering establishing an Alumni Group.

Currently registered Alumni Groups are listed below.

APU Startup Founders

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President NAGANO Yuta
Messages & Activities Welcome to APU Startup Founders!
We are a group of entrepreneurs and people interested in starting their own business from over 10 countries and regions. The purpose of this group is ;
-to discuss common challenges and concerns that startup founders have
-to share information with students and graduates who want to start a business or join a startup
-to advertise job openings and events
Our group will help link APU graduates beyond borders as well as connect with students to contribute to building a social entrepreneur network.

APU Researchers and Educators Network


President Kanduboda, P.B.(Kanda)
Contact (Please put the subject as “About APUREN”)
Activities To all the APU graduates. We are happy to announce that we established a new community under the APU alumni association, APUREN (APU Researchers and Educators Network).
The primary purpose of the APUREN is to support graduates, current students, and lecturers to build network and promote exchange, especially those who are engaged in research and education fields.
The main events, for the time being, are as follows.
1. Networking and information exchange
To create an environment where all the intended members can share information and promote exchange beyond countries, specialties, we will offer a platform utilizing the present social network system (e.g., Facebook and mailings).
2.Annual gathering @ APU Conference
An annual meeting will be held during the APU conference to discuss and decide future activities.
Besides, we are planning to establish a graduates’ session (with presentations) that will allow members to demonstrate their educational and research achievements.
It is hoped that this session will offer a great insight to current students in deciding their future career (scheduled to start in 2020).
In addition, a panel discussion will be held to promote interaction with current students, teachers, and community members to share further details in related fields.
We look forward to meeting you all

APU Kids School

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President HAGIWARA Keiko
(Please put the subject as“APU Kids School)
Activities The aim of this group is to provide with the Multicultural Experience for kids of Alumnus.
The event gives us diverse learning programs in English.

Group Activity
・Simple communication and chatting in English.
・Multicultural activity (such as cooking event) in English and Japanese.

Contact us
・We always welcome your volunteer work.

APU Network for International Cooperation


President YAMAJI Kenzo
Contact (Please put the subject as “About APU Network for International Cooperation”)
Messages & Activities Welcome to the APU Network for International Cooperation!
We are a network of APU graduates who have participated in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).
We provide information on international cooperation, job openings, opportunities for collaboration with each other’s current organization/business, as well as information sessions on JOCV for current students.
Wouldn’t it be a very meaningful network if we could combine the experience of JICA volunteers who have been dispatched all over the world with the other alumni who are spread around the globe?
In the future, we plan to expand the scope of the network to include alumni involved in international cooperation, exchanging information and sharing experiences with current students.
If you are interested, please join us!
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