Giving back to APU

Greetings, fellow alumni,

I would like to make a call for all alumni to show our appreciation to APU, our alma mater. I believe that the best way for us to give back to APU is by being outstanding individuals. It would not be an exaggeration to state that one of the key measuring sticks of a university is the success of its graduates. By being outstanding members of our communities and contributing positively to society, we are in fact giving the greatest contribution we can make to our alma mater.

A more direct way of showing appreciation is by donating.

It is a fact that we, the graduates support APU in a number of ways.

The role of graduates is becoming even more important with time. Each expression warm gesture by each graduate plays a part in the creation of a campus where students’ dreams and aspirations can take wing.

I therefore call upon all graduates to make a contribution to the future of APU and her students.

KUNIYOSHI Koka, Chairperson, APU Alumni Association


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