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Message from the Chairperson


Hello all APU alumni, My name is Kuniyoshi Koka. I originally came from China and graduated from APU in 2012 spring.
During my APU days, every second was excitement and surprise.
As APU has been selected as one of Japan’s top global universities as well as leading international business schools, I am extremely proud as a graduate.
APU experience has helped me gain personal and professional confidence so far, which motivates me to give back – to the alumni organization and APU.
I consider the presidency as an honor because I get to support all alumni who has the same experience as me, whose life was tremendously impacted by APU and would love to continuously be connected to APU alumni and pay it forward.

On behalf of the alumni, I would like to express our two big visions.
First one is “global family”. APU alumni aims to foster a lifelong connection among alumni and create an environment in which the world feels like a big home. All alumni are family members and we are doing a wide range of activities in order to keep in touch with each other, such as new alumni welcome party, and events to support job hunting etc.

The other one is “Self-accomplishment”. Alumni organization is also a place to achieve the goals that cannot be achieved in current job or with current resources. We encourage all the alumni to take advantage of resources of Alumni organization.

To that end, if you have any topics you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to reach out to koka.kuniyoshi@hotmail.com

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Alumni Association
Chairperson: Koka KUNIYOSHI
March 2012, College of Asia Pacific Management

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