APU Kids School & Children’s Summer Festival

APU Kids School will hold this event for children to develop a sense of gratitude through appreciating the value of money.
This event will provide alumni’s elementary school and kindergarten children with an opportunity to learn about money in a fun way, including fun summer festival projects such as crafts and candy distribution.
Let’s take this opportunity to learn together!
*According to the COVID situation, there may be restrictions on the use of facilities and the attendance of the lecturers.


APU Kids School & Children’s Summer Festival
Date & Time: Saturday, August 6, 13:00 – 15:30
Place: APU Tokyo Campus
Number of participants: Approx. 10 families (first-come-first-served basis)
1000 yen/family (families with APU or RU alumni)
2000 yen per family (families without APU or RU alumni)


Proposed schedule
13:00 event start- activities organized by Kids Money School
14:30 recreation time – Summer Festival by APU Kids School
15:30 end of Event
17:00 dismissal


Email: keichincheer0129@gmail.com


外部講師・協力(予定);一般社団法人 日本子供の生き抜く力育成協会 キッズマネースクール