【APU Startup Founders 6th meeting】

APU Startup Founders will be hosting the 6th Meetup at APU Tokyo Office on 14th May 2022. You can also join us remotely since we will connect using Zoom from the venue.


This time we would like to invite 2 guest speakers, Mr. Swathinath Vijayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Scene Inc, and Ms. Chang Li, Director of Plug and Play Japan Fintech and Insurtech divisions. This is a great opportunity for participants to hear their stories from different perspectives; managing a startup and supporting startups. Additionally, we will have a talk session with current students from 起業部 for the first time to discuss how our group can help leverage their activities at APU.


14:00-14:10 Introduction
14:10-14:45 Mr. Swathinath Vijayan from Scene Inc
14:45-15:20 Ms. Chang Li from Plug and Play Japan
15:20-15:40 Talk session with students
15:40-16:00 Q&A


The event will be held on 14th May 2022 from 2pm to 4pm at APU Tokyo Office.
For further detail, please contact APU Startup Founders.
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Speaker Profile:
Mr. Swathinath Vijayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Scene Inc
Previously: Product Management and Business Development at Infostellar, Associate Product Manager at Septeni
2016 APM graduate. Recipient of MEXT scholarship and Ando Momofuku Honor Prize. Originally from Kerala, India and moved to Japan during high school


Ms. Chang Li, Director of Plug and Play Japan Insurtech and Fintech divisions
Chang joined Plug and Play in 2018 after a career in a major Japanese life insurer through work experience in investment investigation, cross-border M&A and profit management, supporting both Insurtech startups growth and insurers innovation.
2011 APM graduate, University of Hong Kong MBA holder.
Originally from Sichuan Province, China.