Recruiting New APU Alumni Association Chairperson

We will celebrate the 18th anniversary of the foundation of our university this year, and the number of alumni has reached 15,000, and we have 30 chapters of alumni association now.
APU Alumni Association is recruiting for new APU Alumni Association Chairperson.
If you have interest, please see the details below.


1. Chairperson
•The chairperson will be selected by the voting from directors and chapter leaders(Except candidate).
•Chairperson’s tenure will be 4 years. (a maximum of two terms)
•If the candidate cannot be contacted for a period of time after the deadline, the candidate appointment will be nullified.
•The chairperson will choose his/her own vice-chair.
(To be approved in the board meeting following the appointment)
•The main role of Chairperson
 ① Unify administration and coordinate of APU Alumni Association
 ②Unify administration of Board team
 ③Chairman of Board meeting
 ④The convocation and chairman of Alumni Association meetings.
 ⑤Participate in Graduation ceremony and events related to Ritsumeikan trust.
(Chairperson doesn’t need to participate in all events which is held around the world. Vice-chairperson and director will attend it instead.)


2. Entry Guidelines
•How to apply:
 ①Please fill out the form . (Please write in Japanese and English)
 ②Make 3 minutes video (Election Speech)
 ③Please send ① and ② to APU Alumni Association Secretariat (

•Deadline:Thursday , August 31 2017 (JAPAN Time)


3. Schedule
August 1(Tue), 2017:Start recruiting
August 31(Thu),2017:Application deadline
September 11(Mon)-September 29(Fri),2017:Campaign
October 16(Mon)-October 30(Mon),2017:Voting period
In the 2nd week of November:Result announcement


4. Inquiries
APU Alumni Association Electoral Commission
(Secretariat of APU Alumni Association)
Tel:+81-977-78-1103 Fax::+81-977-78-1113