【Announcement】 APU Alumni Association 2016 General Assembly

This announcement is in regards to the APU Alumni Association 2016 General Assembly.
Past General Assemblies have been broadcast on the Ustream platform, but this year we will instead post a report to the APU Alumni Association website.
The main reasons for this change are as follows:

• We will hold a Regional Leaders Meeting (RLM) this year must the same as last year, so we can arrange an opportunity to have an opinion exchange with Chapter Leaders.
• With the General Assembly broadcast over Ustream, we saw almost no opinions or questions. We decided that email would make a reasonable substitute.
• Holding a General Assembly incurs transportation expenses; we can cut this cost by changing the format.
Content reported at the General Assembly will be released on the Alumni Association homepage on June 30. We will accept opinions and questions after this material has been released.

• Content to be reported includes:
• FY 2015 Project and Finances Report
• Audit report.
• FY 2016 Project and Budget

It is supposed to be released before holding a RLM, but we couldn’t audit due to the recent earthquake.
We would appreciate your understanding that the date of release is June 30.


Seitaka Yoshida
APU Alumni Association

Please send your opinions and questions to APU Alumni Association Secretariat at