We held the Alumni Association welcome party for New graduate.

After the graduation ceremony on March 13, 2015, there was a welcome party organized by the Alumni Association in the reception hall of B-con Plaza.

Thanks to the cooperation of many of our alumni, we could hold an award giving ceremony for Chapter’s best practices (Thailand, Kanto and Kansai Chapters were awarded) and give reports on every Chapter’s activities.

The ceremony was MCed by Kenzo Fukagawa who graduated last fall and is very fond of this last batch of graduates, and also by Anita from Oita chapter. The chairperson of APU Alumni Association Seitaka Yoshida proposed a toast and other alumni who came from different places gave inspiring talks.

However, the party’s aims and expected participant numbers were not quite met, therefore, we are considering holding this event some other time, not after the graduation ceremony for next time.

Nevertheless, as one of the Alumni Association events, we will hold a welcome event for new alumni, so we hope that many alumni are available to participate.