About setting up a Group

March, 2015

 APU Alumni Association

Establishing APU Alumni Association Groups

The APU Alumni Association strongly encourages that Alumni with the same interests, from the same seminars or circle who gather regularly to establish an official Alumni Group and register it. By registering a group, you will be able to receive many services provided by the Alumni Association so please register yours by filling out and sending the registration form to the Secretariat.



Please fill out the registration form and send it to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat. The registration form can be downloaded from the address below.  In case there are members already at the time of application, please write them down on the member list and submit it.

You may establish a Group as a previous step of establishing a Chapter. But when you are ready to form a Chapter, you will have to follow the normal registration process for Chapters.


2.Support offered by the Alumni Association

When you register, you can receive the following support.

(1)  Member recruitment and advertisement of activities through venues such as the APU Alumni Association webpage and mass mailings, SNS, etc.

(2) Supplying information about eligible alumni

*only limited to names, email addresses and phone numbers.

*you may access this data after submitting the Alumni Data Request / User Agreement  and approval by the Board team.

(3) Access to Ritsumeikan Academy facilities (Please consult the Secretariat for use)

(4) APU memorabilia to give out during events (once a year)

(5) Fees support

*when you apply for fees, you will need to abide by the “Accounting Manual” to submit your application, report for the subsidy.



(1) Please be responsible of managing and administrating your Group.

(2) You might be asked to submit the member list even after establishing your Group.


4.Address (and inquiries)

Address: 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan

APU Alumni Association Secretariat

Tel: 0977-78-1103 Fax: 0977-78-1113


*Please submit your registration applications by email to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

*Please direct your inquiries about Alumni Groups to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat