About setting up a Chapter

March, 2015

 APU Alumni Association

Establishing APU Alumni Association Chapters

The APU Alumni Association defines an Alumni association within a certain country, region or area in Japan as “Chapter” and has created rules for establishing them. Please send your registration application provided in a separate paper to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat after having carefully read the establishment procedures and rules, and rules of operation.

*Chapters created before December 2014 do not need to register again.


1.Establishment Procedures


In order to establish a Chapter, it is necessary to create the following documents and submit them to the APU Alumni Association Board Team for approval. The documents can be downloaded from the address included below.

* APU Alumni Association document library

(1)  Rules

The Chapter shall create rules covering the chapter name, method of operation and collection of dues, etc.

(2)  Application for registration

Include the purpose for establishing the chapter, some background information, annual plan and contact information for the representative.

(3)  List of residents

Record a list of resident information.


2.   Establishment Rules


Please consider the following when establishing a Chapter.

(1)  Member Quota

5 including the President and Accountant (President, Accountant and 3 more members) is the minimum to establish a Chapter. If less please apply to establish a Group.

*Appointing a Vice President is not required.

*Please refer to “Establishing APU Alumni Groups” to learn about establishing a Group.

(2)  Region of Establishment

If there is already a Chapter established in the region you where you plan to establish your Chapter, the Board Team will consult with the existing Chapter and make adjustments.  This consultation will be about confirming the region where Chapter activities occur, active members, etc.


3.Rules of Operation


Follow the following guidelines in the operation of a Chapter. You will be contacted about the method of applying for subsidies, etc., after the establishment of your Chapter has been approved.

(1)  Cooperate and coordinate closely with the APU Alumni Association Board Members and APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

(2)  Write an introduction for your Chapter to be placed on the APU Alumni Association webpage.

(3)  Create a proposed budget for the following fiscal year and an annual plan and submit this to the Secretariat and the APU Alumni Association secretariat by the deadline.

(4)  Create a list of residents and submit this each year to the Secretariat when applying for a budget for the next fiscal year.

*Remove members who have moved out of the region of your Chapter activities.

(5)  Cooperate with APU to contribute to the development of your alma mater. (Admissions, job hunting, donations, academics, etc.)

(6)  When planning or holding an event, submit a report and participant list to the Secretariat.

(7)  Contact the Secretariat when you have created creating a group page on a social networking site such as Facebook.

(8)  When there is difficulty in operating a chapter, the Secretariat and Board Team may operate it on its behalf.


4.   Support Offered by the APU Student & Alumni Association


After the establishment of a Chapter is approved, the APU Alumni Association will offer the following support.

(1)  Subsidy allocation if applied for and approved by the Board Team (Annual basis)

(2)  Member recruitment and advertisement of activities through venues such as the APU Alumni Association webpage and mass mailings.

(3)  Supplying information about eligible alumni

*In order to obtain information about alumni, it is necessary to submit an Alumni Data Request / User Agreement

(4)  The use of Ritsumeikan Academy facilities (Contact the Secretariat for use)

Provision of subsidy fund and APU memorabilia at Chapter is General Meeting conceannually.


5.Address (and inquiries)


Address: 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan

APU Alumni Association Secretariat

Tel: 0977-78-1103 Fax: 0977-78-1113


*Please submit your registration applications by email to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

*Please direct your inquiries about Alumni Chapters to the APU Alumni Association Secretariat