“CHIKYU WO TABISURU BUNKASAI” in Kitakyushu was held

On November 29(Sat)~30(Sun), Fukuoka Chapter held a large scale local international exchange event “Chikyu wo Tabisuru Bunkasai/ Culture Wagon Camp” at Genkai Seinen no Ie Kitakyushu and JICA Kyushu Gym.

 Article on the APU official web site is here  

The URL has been removed because the link is obsolete (as of August 2023).

This event was planned by Fukuoka Chapter in collaboration with APU to make children who are the key for Kitakyushu’s future feel internationalization.  


16 groups, about 130 students (mainly international students), about 50 elementary school pupils from all over Kitakyushu city, and around 15 Fukuoka Chapter members, total about 200 people spend one night together.

ON the first day, students and elementary school kids made teams to play games and walk rally, even challenged traditional dances, martial arts and playing instruments from different countries.


On the second day, they moved to JICA KYUSHU gym. The Student groups had stage shows and made booth for exhibitions and “try yourself” of their respective cultures. Many elementary kids even joined the performances with the students.  The venue was full of laugh and smile all day long.


Thanks to Kitakyushu city, JICA and other numerous individuals and institutions for bringing this event come true.

The leader of this event, Mr.Kazumasa Miura (APS2010) says that “We proved that even alumni who are busy with our own business can try such a big event and can contribute to the internationalization of the local community. Thank very much for all the concerned parties for your cooperation and participation”.