Chubu chapter event report♪


This time, we invited Kanamaru sensei who thought at APU from 2000 to 2004.

We were very excited to talk about the time when APU started and students.

And we discussed about the APU2030 Vision and the task which APU alumni have to do.

It was very great time for us. The Next Satou-kai will be held in May. We are planning to invite Prof. Yamaura. Please join our event.


【Excursion event】

We went to Shirakawa-go which is a world heritage site located Shirakawa town in Gifu Prefecture.

This time, we tried to see who took the best photos with our cameras. We spent a great time after enjoying the Satou-kai held the day before. And it was the best season to watch Japanese maple leaves, and the mountain covered with snow was also nice view.

This time, some participants came from Kanazawa. This was a great chance to meet alumni who live in the local area, so we will continue planning these excursion events.

Please join our events.