Social Contribution Activities report Part1(Thai chapter)

Let me introduce about Thai Chapter’s wonderful activities!!!
Thai Chapter Social Contribution Activities

July, 27                                APU Hands for Children#1 ; Ratchaburi Home
Sep, 14                                APU Hands for Elder#1 ; Elderly Residents of Si Chang Island
Nov, 8-10?/ 14-16?/ 21-23?   Warm blankets donation for hilltribes in Chiangmai, Thailand

【APU Hands for Children#1 @ Ratchaburi Home】

Social Contribution and Donation for Ratchaburi Home ;children with disability in the brain and intelligence (136 km from Bangkok)
Participants: 19 members
Donation: 56,939 THB (about 180,000 Yen)  including necessary things donation such as diapers, tissue papers, garbage bags, toilet cleaner and so on.