Introduction to Volunteer Activities (Dream Club)♪

This is a Volunteer Activities report of APU graduates.

We hope to share all alumni about this wonderful activities.(*^^*)

Dream Club is a volunteer circle consisting of mainly of APU graduates. We receive support from APU Alumni Association (purchase of equipment) for our activities.


Members:APU graduates、around 20 people

Frequency of activities:once a month

Details of activities:Visit children’s home and talk about events and jobs around the world in English.

Place:Tokyo and Osaka

We want many Alumni to know about the support we receive from APU Alumni Association and about us, so we report our activities periodically.

「Introduction to June’s activities (Tokyo)」

June is the season for weddings, so we studied about weddings all around the world with the children.

We looked at videos of weddings with different characteristics of various regions in the world on youtube and made a quiz about answering which country the wedding was from.

Also we made a French wedding cake called Croquembouche.

We ate the very unique Croquembouche made by the children.

We want the children to become the most global kids in their class at school through these activities. Also, by becoming global. We want the children to become more interested in English and other studies.

At Dream Club, we are recruiting fellow alumni who can join these activities!

If you are interested or have questions please contact us to the address below.

(same for Kyoto and Osaka)


1. Members of Dream Club

2.This is the wonderful wedding cake made by Kids(*^^*)