10th Anniversary event held at Osaka on the May 24 th.

10th year anniversary event by the domestic chapters and ARC have taken place on May 24th in Osaka. 80 alumni, widely ranging from members of the 1st generation to the 12th, has gathered to attend this event. Many alumni from areas besides Osaka, such as Shizuoka, Okayama, Oita and Fukuoka, have made their way to this event and had touching moments of re-union with their “long time no see” pals. In this event, it was an honor to have Mr Sakamoto- our first president, bring us warm emotions by telling us the secret story of how APU was established. After the story we heard many positive feedback from the alumni that thanks to the story they are even more certain that entering APU was the right choice ever. Apart from the story we also could deliver the activity report of Kansai Alumni Association and Africa Chapter, which made this event such a successful one.

Next isVietnamwhere we hold event!!!!

It’s a pleasure to have you come so Join us!

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