10th Anniversary report Korea &Mongolia

Following Singapore and Malaysia, the 10th year anniversary event was held in Korea and Mongolia respectively on April 5th and 10th. The Korean Representative- Mr. Lee spoke of the current state of APU as well as how the appearance of Kamegawa Station has changed, which received great favorable reception. In addition, in order to participate in this event, the owner of “Usagi and Tora” came back to home country and with a little shy manner, delivered a very interesting speech.

In Mongolia, the atmosphere during the event was heated up to the max as the event’s host carried out funny quizzes about APU and also conducted activities such as Mongolian traditional dances. Moreover, through the event people could share the history of “Mongolian Chapter’s activity” and what it plans to implement in the near future. The messages on the flag for Flag Relay shall stay in people’s hearts as an unforgettable symbol of a meaningful event.