Report: Charity by Sri Lanka Chapter

Sri Lanka chapter conducted a charity project to support financially unfortunate children in the region as announced in EVENT on October 30th.

It was successfully done and the chapter sent a thank you message.

Hello All,

Your generous contributions have made it possible to collect 56,000 Sri Lankan Rupees (43,729 Japanese Yen) for purchasing a washing machine & 42 chairs for the children at Rainbow Center, Bentota. The washing machine they were using was broken and it had not been an easy task to wash cloths of 80 children daily. So, it was quite important that you provided them the washing machine. The chairs we donated will be used for the extra education and activities, which Rainbow Center provides for these underprivileged children. Hope you will be happy to know that your donations were used for good cause.

Please refer to the attachments for the receipts of the purchased items and some pictures of them.

We sincerely appreciate those who supported us with documentation and ideas which improved this program and of course your valuable monetary contribution for this. Because of you, we were able to successfully complete this program and make these less fortunate childrens’ lives a little better. The washing machine we bought for them will keep them stay cleaner and the chairs will definitely help them in their extra activities and education.

We take this opportunity to let you know that we greatly appreciate your support.
Thank You Very Much.

Warm Regards,
Committee members of Alumni Association of Ritsumeikan APU – Sri Lanka Chapter (Ashika, Ayusha, Deepthi, Mali , Ruzmil & Thilina)
*23 outsiders (Sri Lankans who are not related to APU) have participated in this program

(Edited by Hagino, Loop.A.S.)