[GOOD PRACTICE]Sri Lanka Chapter supports new students!

Sri Lanka Chapter held a meeting to support new students before they left the country for Beppu. It was definitely one way that alumni support current students at the same time widen the network as well as hand down the heritage of APU.
The meeting was held on Friday 8 March at Siam House in Colombo, Sri Lanka and attended by Seven new students, their parents, Mr.Harin (APU Representative in Sri Lanka) and the Chapter members (Ms.Dias and Mr.Ruzmil) .
The meeting was opened by explanation of the alumni association and followed by the detailed guidance of day-to-day life at APU. You can see the material (amazingly detailed!) used in the meeting as the attached file.
The meeting definitely helped new students to familiarize them with the completely new environment in Japan. Why not you hold one at your chapter too?