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Thank you very much for your opinion and suggestions for the 2014 Budget. To begin with, we would like to briefly explain the underlying factors.


This time, we focused on certain factors more than we have in previous years. Two prominent factors are : ①Support for chapter vitalization, ②Information sharing on the 10th anniversary and strategic planning for the coming decade.


It must be taken into consideration that the nature of activities and consequently the required budget varies from chapter to chapter. As new chapters continue to be formed all over the globe, it is imperative that we acknowledge the different environments in which they exist and create a simple and straightforward operation system.


As an example, in many countries outsideJapan, it is the norm to provide food and drinks at annual gatherings and similar events. However, it is not usual to collect a fee. Taking that into account, we have decided to provide budgetary support for official annual “Sokai” (general assembly) to cover food and beverages up to a pre-determined amount. This event takes place once a year and as such we hope that graduates will take full advantage of this opportunity to gather more participants and pump energy into forthcoming events. We also hope it can be used as an opportunity for new graduates to mingle with the older generation without financial concerns.


In previous years, we used to provide a monetary gift(Oiwaikin). However, we propose stopping this system from here on. The reason behind this is that some chapters have expressed that handling the finances(cash) can be burdensome to the person in charge of finances. It is also the case that in some instances the gift was given while in others it was not. In order to break down the confusion, we decided to do away with the gift system but make it easier and more flexible for chapters to make applications for budgets to power their projects.


Although we endeavor to enhance the financial support offered to chapters, the Association’s financial situation will in the future be tighter as our income remains the same (20million yen) while the total number of alumni will keep increasing by 1200-1300 every year.  It is therefore important for us to start accumulating funds for the future today. We propose to take a few years to consider the amount of funds we should accumulate while boosting the Association activities.


Please note that significant part of this year’s budget is to be allocated to the Alumni 10th Anniversary projects and to the strengthening of chapters.  At present, the tentative budget exceeds annual income.  However a final budget reflecting your perspectives and input will be made based on discussions at the General Assembly and Chapter Leader’s Meeting.

【各チャプターのご意見/Comments from Chapters


Below are some of the opinions and comments which were sent to Secretariat before the end of March.

  •  予算の支出超過は賛成/ Chapters agree to expansion of expenditure
  •  総会を全額補助することは、参加者を確保することが容易になるためよい/ Supporting full amount of expenditure for Sokai (general assembly) is a good idea
  • 一方で、予算をもらう以上は、総会への一層の参加者増をチャプターで努力しなければいけない/ On the other hand, chapters must be committed to get more participants if chapters are allocated more subsidies
  • 3年間程度の支出超過については期間を長くする。単年度の支出はもっと抑える(26百万円程度)/ The increased expenditure ought to continue for more than 3 years.  In order for this to happen, the annual budget has to be reduced to approximately 26 million yen peer year.
  •  現役学生に資するため、図書館の充実に対して財政支援を行う/ Extend financial support to Library in order to support current students
  • 新予算執行のやり方について。2014年度で承認を得て、2015年からの執行としてはどうか/ Applying the new financial policy should be approved in 2014 and applied from 2015
  • 年一回の総会に対する校友1名につき5000円までの支援に反対。お祝い金の増額と新人1000円補助の継続、または①1名5000円までの支援と②お祝い金3倍増額の選択制/ Disagree with financial support of 5000yen/person for annual assembly participants. Current “Oiwaikin” should be increased and continued.  Or, make it possible to choose between 1-5000yen/person and 2-Triple the amount of “Oiwaikin”


【ご意見を踏まえての対応/ Actions after the comments

以上のご意見を踏まえて、ボードチームにて慎重に検討し、下記のようにすることといたしました。/ The Alumni Board has decided to take the following steps considering the comments received deliberately.

今後の進めかた/How to process the budget plan




The Plan shall be amended partially and will be reported and confirmed at General Assembly in May.  If there are issues unsettled even at General Assembly, the discussion will be carried over to the chapter leaders meeting in summer. We treat the amended budget as the tentative budget in the meantime. (According to the current Regulation of the Alumni Association, Executive Board has authority concerning the budget)

【修正予算(暫定予算)のポイント/Point of amendment

1. 支出超過額総額は当面経過を観察する(10周年が重なるため、2014年度は支出が増加するなど特殊要因あり)。総会およびチャプターリーダーズミーティングでの検討課題とする。/ Excessive budget should be put under probation and carefully monitored in the meantime (it should be considered that special factors such as the 10th anniversary for FY2014 ).  The topic should be probed and discussed at General Assembly and Chapter Leader’s Meeting.

2. 総会年1回校友1名当たり5000円の補助と従来のお祝い金3倍の選択をチャプターができるようにする。ただしお祝い金を選択した場合は年度終了後に「支出の確証」を添付した報告書を作成することとする。これについても総会およびチャプターリーダーズミーティングの検討課題とする。/ Chapter has choice of 5000yen/person for the chapter’s General Assembly or triple amount of the existing “Oiwaikin”. A fiscal report with the proof of payments such as receipt must be produced after the end of the fiscal year. This topic should also be probed and discussed at General Assembly and Chapter Leader’s Meeting.

3.  新人補助1000円は9月末実施分までで廃止することを総会とチャプターリーダーズミーティングで検討する。


The issue abolishing 1000yen support for new graduate by the end of September will be probed and discussed at General Assembly and Chapter Leader’s Meeting.

It is only domestic chapters using this support and there is a question for fairness and the administrative cost to process this support is not cost effective.  With these reasons, it should be reviewed.

総会で議題とすべきもの/Issues should be discussed at General Assembly

1.支出超過の期間と超過額について *この検討のため、総会では超過額と期間のシミュレーションを提示する。/The duration and excessive amount of Excessive expenditure. *For this, some simulations should be prepared and presented for General Assembly

2.余剰金の使い方について。学生(大学)支援、たとえば図書館充実等に使うこと。/How to utilize the retained surplus. (Use it to support students such as supporting Library)

【その他チャプターリーダーズミーティングで議題とすべきもの/Issues should be discussed at Chapter Leaders Meeting】

1.国内チャプター代表の設置/ Creating a representative position to coordinate all domestic chapters.

2.その他総会で決めきれなかったこと/ Other issues which have not been settled at General Assembly.

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2014Budget Plan disclosed on March 25


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