APU校友会はフィリピンをおそったスーパー台風Haiyan(Yolanda)の犠牲者に深い哀悼の意を表します。APU校友会では被害にあわれた方々を支援する動きを応援したいと思います。すでにBayanihan(APUのフィリピン出身者のコミュニティ)とWilbur Gadicho氏(2003APU卒)からの支援を訴えを頂いています。そのアピールを皆さんとシェアし、活動を応援して行きたいと思います。また校友会フィリピンチャプターでもチャリティ活動を開始する予定と聞いています。



Bayanihan Press Release to APU

November 13, 2013


On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the central islands of thePhilippines. It is considered to be one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded history as its devastating impact proves. The typhoon affected 41 out of the 80 provinces in thePhilippinescosting USD 14 Billion to the nation’s economy. Close to two thousand people are confirmed dead and countless more are still missing. Those who have survived the onslaught currently lack food, potable water, and shelter.

We, the Filipino community in APU, would like to convey our deepest gratitude to our professors, classmates and friends who have expressed their concern for us and our family and friends in thePhilippines. Their well-wishes have provided us with comfort during this time of grief. Although most of us are not directly affected by the typhoon, we believe that it is our duty to help our fellow countrymen.

For this reason, we are currently organizing a few projects to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon. One of which is the Bayanihan Haiyan Aid Committee wherein we collect monetary donations from those eager to extend financial assistance for the relief efforts in our country. Our booth can be found at the APU Cafeteria, which is open until November 22. Inquiries regarding the projects and any form of help which you can provide are most welcomed.  

Thank you very much.



APUのフィリピン人コミュニティでは支援のプロジェクトを行います。Bayanihan Haiyan Aid Committeeを立ち上げ寄付を募ります。11月22日までAPUカフェテリアにてブースを設置しますので皆様のご協力をお願いいたします。


Appeal from Mr.Wilbur Gadicho



Super storm Haiyan (Yolanda) left hundreds of people dead and properties severely damaged when it pounded the central Philippines.

 This is Wilbur Gadicho, writing on behalf of concerned locals of Lawaan, Eastern Samar, Philippines. I am a graduate of RitsumeikanAsiaPacificUniversity, APM 2003, who is working with other volunteers and donors for the relief intended for Eastern Samar.

 Presently, we are collecting funds to provide support to the victims this disaster. We want to help these people get their lives in order again through generous donations from different sources.

 This natural calamity has caused so much damage to their lives and not to mention their properties. So, we appeal to you to kindly show your support for these people by making donation to our group so that we can provide some relief to these unfortunate people.

 Thank you for your attention and we look forward for your help.

Thanking You, for further detail, contact

Wilbur Gadicho





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