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SGU(Top Global University Project) Information for Alumni

To date, APU has accepted 10,000 students from 131 countries and regions. Since inception, we believe our alumni have maintained a strong desire to support for APU stemming from your intense school pride, and our ties with them are close. Now we would like to create a system that uses these relationships for education at APU in order to make alumni being proud of APU more. We ask all of alumni to support our endeavor mainly in 4 projects below to do so.

▷ Global Human Library with APU Alumni (Make a record of alumni activities to be used as a teaching resource)

▷ Global Alumni Lectures (Classes in which alumni give lectures )

▷ Global Internship with Alumni (Internships in Japan or overseas supervised by alumni)

▷ Admissions Associates(Alumni support student recruitment for APU)

If you wish to support us in any fields above, please register from the SURVEY below. However we may not ask you anything even if you have registered. Your understanding over this regard will be much appreciated. We will contact you respectively according to APU’s curriculum development.

Please contact apualumn@apu.ac.jp attn. Secretary SGU Alumni for inquiries.

For registration: SURVEY
Best regards,

Secretariat, APU SGU Task Force Alumni Affairs

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