Now Accepting Applications for the APU Alumni (former Student & Alumni) Association Achievement Award

What is the APU Alumni (formerly Student & Alumni) Association Achievement Award ?

The APU Alumni Association was established in order to recognize the achievements of APU alumni active around the world. The Achievement Award aims to support and encourage the activities of alumni who are contributing to society in a number of fields and achieving success as they challenge themselves in a variety of ways.

A description of the application procedure is outlined below. We look forward to receiving applications from motivated and innovative individuals and groups.

Achievement Award Applications

Application requirements:

You must be an APU alumni (or alumni group) that is engaged in making contributions to society based on the fundamental principles laid out in the Declaration on the Occasion of the Opening of APU “freedom peace and humanity, international mutual understanding and the future shape of the Asia-Pacific region”.

N.B. Alumni/ alumni groups who have already received this award cannot reapply for a period of 3 years.

 Example of Relevant Activities

 1. Alumni/ alumni groups that are actively making contributions to society

E.g. volunteer activities at a welfare facility in an alumni’s home country or in a developing country, etc.

 2. Innovative alumni/ alumni groups.

E.g. Those that have started new businesses or ventures that contribute to innovation or the development of society.

 3. Alumni/ alumni groups who have endeavored to contribute to world peace and/ or international exchange. E.g. Those that have made significant achievements in an international NGO/ NPO or an international organization.

 4. Alumni/ alumni groups who have made significant contribution to APU.

E.g. Those that have contributed to the advancement of APU’s reputation or social appraisal.

Application period: Applications must arrive between (Fri) February 1st, 2013 to (Thurs) February 28th, 2013

Number of Recipients:

*Individual Awards – Golden Award: 1x Alumni, Silver Award: up to 2x Alumni

*Group Awards – Golden Award: 1x Alumni group, Silver Award: up to 2x Alumni groups

Prize Money:

*Individual Awards (per recipient) – Golden Award: 100,000yen, Silver Award: 50,000yen

*Group Awards (per group) – Golden Award: 100,000yen, Silver Award: 50,000yen

How to apply

 1. Self-nomination: Enter the required information and submit to the APU Alumni Association Office. Create a PDF that documents and provides proof of your activities and submit it by e-mail. If there is documentation that you are unable to submit in PDF format, mail it to the APU Alumni Association Office address. The costs of postage are the responsibility of the applicant.

 2. Nominating Alumni: We are also waiting to hear recommendations from people who know alumni that are involved in outstanding activities. If you have information to share with us, send the alumni’s name, e-mail address, telephone number and a description of their activities to the APU Alumni Association Office. The APU Alumni Association will contact the alumni directly and request the necessary documents from them.

3. Any applications that are not suitable or not congruent with the aims of this award will not be accepted.

Required documents – please submit the following:

1. Required information

Please include in the email;

1. Name  

2. Year of graduation  

3. College: APS/APM  

4. E-mail address  

5. Telephone number  

6. address

Also write a description of your reason for applying, an introduction to your activities, and a description of why you should be selected (in either English or Japanese) in a word processed document and send it along with any necessary files to:

2. Documents that introduce and provide proof of the activities (Newspaper articles, magazines, homepages, etc.)

*Application materials will not be returned.

Incentive award: There is also an incentive award for those who are not selected for the Achievement Award.

*In addition to having your activities listed on the alumni homepage, you will also receive a certificate as well as some APU memorabilia.

Application deadline: All documents must arrive by (Thurs) February 28th, 2013.


Submitted documents will be made public (where possible/ applicable) on the APU Alumni Association webpage for a fixed period of time, during which the alumni will vote on them. In the case of a draw, the APU Alumni Association Board Team and regional leaders will vote to decide the winner. We will contact the winners and make an announcement on the APU Alumni Association webpage on the 22nd of April. Please note that the results may also be released through the mass media.

Award Ceremony 

An award ceremony for the 2013 APU Alumni Association Achievement Award will be held at each winner’s Chapter annual meeting following the announcement of the winners. All recipients of the award are encouraged to attend.

5. Report for the Following Year

In the event that your activities are still continuing at the time of your submission, we will require you to submit a report in the following fiscal year. This report will be presented each chapter’s general meeting as well the APU Alumni Association’s general assembly.

6. Examples of Past Recipients’ Proposals

① Reason for Applying:

To engage in international activities such as teaching English and global cultures in collaboration with APU students of many nationalities through “Dreams Club”.

* Dreams Club serves to offer confidence to children in orphanages. The club aims to give the children an option to become active in the global setting by educating them on global culture and the English language. Even if the children are to proceed to pursue dreams that are not directly connected to globalism and internationalization, they can still proudly say that they know plenty about the world.

The driving force of the club is embedded in the motto “Big Dreams for little ones”.

② Reason for Applying:

To conduct activities of great social value through “Hoshizora”.

*Hoshizora was founded with the aim of enabling children to fully harness the power of possibilities and to build a stronger nation by providing equal educational opportunities to all children. One of the main activities of the organization is assisting underprivileged children in Indonesia through the “Foster Siblings Program”. This program was started by 30 APU graduates and continues to grow. Monthly donations of 1,000 yen are channeled towards supporting a one child’s education (school fees, training costs, uniform, shoes, etc).

7. Contact: (Document Submission Address)

Address: APU Alumni Association Office, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577, Japan

Tel: +81-977-78-1103 Fax: +81-977-78-1113




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