(Seeking Applicants) APU Alumni Social Development Grant


The APU Alumni Association was founded in March 2003 with first graduating class, and aims to nurture and promote links shared by current students and those who have been enrolled at APU.
This subsidy is to support and encourage social development activities of APU Alumni who already participated in on-going projects or who want to start doing a new project by themselves. It also aims to strengthen the APU Alumni network through community service activities. Ideally, the subsidy will be given to outstanding individuals or groups who demonstrate how their activities make an impact on the community.
Applications for this subsidy will be accepted as outlined below. If you are interested, please submit your application before the deadline.


【Application Eligibility 】
1) APU Alumni are eligible to apply as an individual project or a group project.
Only APU Alumni who have paid the APU Alumni Association Membership fee are eligible.
2) A group project is eligible for the subsidy as long as one of group members is an APU Alumni.
3) Applicants may apply to receive a subsidy for a new project or an on-going project for social development activities.

【Project Subsidy】
Maximum JPY 100,000 per project

【Application Deadline】
June 30th, 2018 at 5:00 PM Japan Time

【Required Documents】
Application Form
Power Point Document

【Result Announcement】
The results will be announced on August 31st 2018. Successful applicants will be contacted directly by email.

【How to Apply】
Complete the application form and submit it to directly to the Secretariat of the APU Alumni Association (

【Project Execution】
Within September 2018, successful applicants will receive 100% of approved subsidy amount from the Alumni Association to execute the project immediately.

1) Applicants may apply for project subsidy for social development activities in their country of residence or another country.
2) By February 28th 2019, recipients of subsidy must submit the project’s progress or completion report and a presentation to the APU Alumni Association.
3) Subsidy from the APU Alumni Association must be used in relation to the approved projects only.
4) Subsidy recipients may be requested to support promotion of APU Alumni Association.
5) To encourage a variety of activities, successful applicants who have been awarded the subsidy cannot apply again within 3 years after the application year.

Should you have any inquiries regarding this Social Development Subsidy please do not hesitate to contact the APU Alumni Association (



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