Guidelines for Open Application of Chapter Leaders

Guidelines for Open Application of Chapter Leaders


APU Alumni Association

Chapter Section

APU Alumni Association will open the application for Chapter leaders/members in following Areas and qualifications:

1.       Areas

Hokkaido Chapter: Sapporo City (Hokkaido, Japan)

2.      Qualification of applicant

Those who want and are able to contribute and agree to the activity of Alumni Association’s Mission. (

(1)Those who want and are able to provide strategic leadership by taking overall responsibility for the activities of Alumni Chapter.

(2)Those who are able to maintain contacts with the Secretariat of the APU Alumni Association, Executive Board, Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association.

(3)Those who are living in Sapporo City

3.      Recruitment method

(1)Application period: From  2 October  2015 until 23 October, 2015.

(2)A short personal statement. (approx. 1 page) answering to the questions in below:

1.What kind of purpose do you want your chapter to fulfil?

2.What kind of activities do you want to make

(3) How to apply

Send the above form to APU Alumni Association Secretariat (

(4)Selection Process will be divided into two patterns;

1)      With single applicant

-Accepting the short personal statement

-Communicating with applicant and explain the process of establishment of Chapter

-Informing about the establishment of Chapters on to the Alumni website.

2) With plural applicants

-Accepting short personal statements

-Having group meeting with applicants through Skype by including board member, to discuss and share applicants personal statements.

– Explain the process of establishment of Chapter.

-Try to come up with consensus of initial member to establish a Chapter.

4. Acknowledgement

Despite of application, we may not establish a Chapter by considering the condition of the region or by the guideline for establishment a new chapter.



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