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Message to all APU graduates.


There is a special program by the government of Japan to nurture high quality professionals from all 54 African nations.

(The government of Japan hopes to nurture personnel who understand Japanese society and business and can play a key role in the promotion of Japanese business in Africa).


The government will support education at Master’s level as well as internships at Japanese companies.

In addition to covering all expenses required for enrollment, the government will cover living expenses (a monthly stipend of 144,400 – 147,000 yen).


APU is honored to be part of this program and is committed to providing the necessary environment for students participating in the program to thrive in. If you know of any individual or corporation that would be interested or could benefit from this, please pass this information on to them.


Details are as shown in the flyer and link below:


l  Master’s Degree and Internship Program of the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative)


l  ABE Initiative flyer

[Flyer attached]

 ABE Initiatve Flyer

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