About APU’s research endeavor

APU has been engaged not only education to students but also research as an university.  RCAPS (Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies) has been established even before the foundation of APU in order to create “Asia Pacific Studies” which was a new academic domain.  This RCAPS plays the key roll at APU in research.  “Research” may sound a little far away when you are student, but it is necessary for a university to have both “Education” and “Research” just like wheels of a vehicle.  It is indispensable to have both to be called “university”.

Please have a look at RCAPS website to check APU’s research.


For instance, an international academic conference called “12th Asia Pacific Conference (AP Conference)” to which many researchers from not only form Japan but also overseas took part in was held concurrently with Tenkusai and Alumni Association’s 10th Anniversary Grand Finale on November 1-2. Here is the report.


Alumni Association will pick up more updates of APU research from now on.  Check it out!






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