Thank you! APU has been selected for Japanese Government’s Top Global University Project ( SGU)

Dear APU Graduates,


APU has proudly been selected for the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s 2014 “Top Global University Project”– SGU. This title includes subsidies from the Government to support reformation and internationalization of universities toward strengthening its international-class properties and international competitiveness.


SGU consists of 2 types, Type A certifies World-class Education and Research (Top class), while Type B recognizes Leading in Globalization of Japanese Society (Global Leaders). A total of 109 universities applied for the title, and only 37 universities have been chosen. APU applied for Type B (93 universities applied and 24 universities have been chosen).


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APU has been selected this time as a result of the high evaluation of its achievement and its attitude to further make challenges in global education. It is not only the efforts of APU as an education organization thus far, but it’s also reflected by the active contribution to society by our alumni.


In that sense, to be selected this time, of course it is the result from the evaluation of APU’s research, education and university management, but we believe it is also the result of the achievements and efforts from each and every one of our graduates. It is now possible to receive the subsidy of two hundred million yen (two million dollars) each year for the duration up to 10 years, and we will be able to provide a greater education environment to the younger generation. We would like to extend our appreciation to all of our beloved alumni.


In addition, one of the themes for SGU this time, is to attempt to incorporate the “power” of our graduates that are active and lively contributing to society in to the management of the university


For example, taking the experiences in each step of life of the graduates to use as teaching materials in the classroom, becoming a member of the APU Governing Advisory Board to get involved in the management of the university, utilizing the power of the global alumni network to recruit the best and brightest students from around the world, etc… There are various aspects that we would like to ask for your cooperation.


From now on, the new challenge for APU will be “How an internationalized university in Japan can become world-class”, aiming for “No.1 in the world for Global Learning”, and to continue serving as the role model for future universities around the world. We will be looking forward for receiving more cooperation and support from all of our Alumni.


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.






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