APU Alumni Association Budget for 2014

Dear Alumni,

This is an announcement that there will be a significant change in the APU Alumni Association’s budget for 2014. If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to send email to by/before March 31, 2014.

Regarding the total budget

Up until now our budget has always been calculated depending on an expenditure-based estimation. However, in order to revitalize the alumni association for the next decade, we have anticipated a significant over-expenditure in the budget. (Income: JPY 20,000,000; Expenditure: JPY 37,000,000)
There will be no significant problems even if there is an over-expenditure in the annual budget since the balance which was secured and carried over from the previous years is 4.5 times greater than current annual income.
However, this over-expenditure condition will be kept for only three years and after that all expenditures will have to be balanced with the income.
Moreover, all chapters are requested to keep the expenditure as low as possible and avoid unnecessary expenses from occurring when setting up an event.

Highlight of changes in the chapters

1. Regarding chapter gatherings, we would like to minimize the financial burden for all members to let them easily join in the event. Therefore, on top of the regular venue and facility fee support, we are going to provide food/beverage expenses of up to 5,000 JPY per attending alumni association member.

2. The annually congratulatory money and 1,000 JPY of cash subsidy per person for newly joined members, in contrast, will be terminated. Due to the termination of this support, there will be no cash that can be freely spent by the chapters. However, it is possible to apply for financial support when it is necessary. (Kindly ask Secretariat further for special circumstances.) Furthermore, the 1,000 JPY of cash assistance per person for newly joined members will still be applied until the end of September 2014 since the announcement for the 2014 fiscal year has already been made in some chapters.

3. Although there will be financial support provided including food/beverage expenses for the 10th anniversary events for each chapter that are currently being organized by the 10th Anniversary Steering Committee, please try to cut back on expenses by combining them with general meetings which are likely to be held during the same time.

4. The budget is now designed so that up to two members from each chapter may participate in the Chapter leader meetings.

Those are some of the main changes related to the chapters.

Regarding financial supports, kindly see the examples below and feel free to utilize them effectively in your chapter. Alumni Association offers support not only to chapters but also groups organized by alumni or individual alumni.

① Allowance for transportation, highway, insurance and parking fee for the chapter’s field trips.
② Allowance for venue fee, equipment cost and for snacks and beverages during exchange programs with locals.
③ Allowance for miscellaneous fees required when inviting guest speakers for seminars.
④ Various equipment needed for sport games.

In addition to the support mentioned above, there may be additional ways that support can be provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Secretariat, APU Alumni Association

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