New APU students are to appear in a new TV show

This April a group of new APU students are to appear in “Akamaru! Scoop Koshien”, a new TV show screening nationally on the Nippon Television Network.

The show will be emceed by the famous Japanese TV entertainers Atsushi Tamura (of “London Boots: Mark 1, Mark 2”) and Becky, and will introduce some of the characteristics of APU, lectures, traditional events, and more.

Newly arrived international students, their life at AP House (On-Campus Housing), footage of Beppu, the entrance ceremony, and more will be shown during the program. Many APU students will make an appearance!

As the program will be shown throughout Japan, your friends and family can tune in no matter where in the country they are. Don’t miss it!

Time/date: Monday, April 22, 2013. 19:00-20:00

Title Akamaru! Scoop Koshien

TV Station Screening nationally on the Nippon Television Network (TOS Television Oita)



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