To prevent the spread of corona virus infection

【As of April 1,2021】
With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Japan and other countries today,
APU Alumni Association Secretariat is making the following announcement.

(1)About activities in FY2021, in case it is possible to hold a face-to-face event depending on the situation of the country / region, please consult with the secretariat at any time.
Refer to the guidelines for infection prevention measures in each country / region, and make an appropriate decision.

(2)Chapters which make use of the budget must submit an Income and Expenditure Report at the end of the year in accordance with the Chapter Expense Manual.
For Groups, since budget expenses will be settled as before. Please submit an Event Proposal a month in advance and a Report upon completion of the event.

(3)Please follow the University policy in regards to student participation.

(4)When using the venue, comply with the requirements set by the facility.

If you have any question, please free to contact APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

【APU Alumni Association Secretariat (Hsiung /Eto)】
Email address
Phone number:+81-977-78-1103(Direct)



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