To prevent the spread of corona virus infection

【As of March 27,2020】
With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Japan and other countries today,
APU Alumni Association Secretariat is making the following announcement.

(1)Until June 14th, for the all chapters and groups, event & meetings will not be held (except for Online meeting/event and emergency cases).

(2) Please contact APU Alumni Association Secretariat if there is a cost (cancellation fee, etc.) for canceling an event that has already been applied and is scheduled to be held by June 14th.

(3) Other
-If you feel unwell, please take measures such as resting, going to a hospital, or contacting a health center.
-An announcement on APU Alumni activities from June 15th will be made on late May.

If you have any question, please free to contact to APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

【APU Alumni Association Secretariat (Obase/Eto)】
Email address
Phone number:+81-977-78-1103(Direct)



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