To prevent the spread of corona virus infection

【As of May 22,2020】
With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Japan and other countries today,
APU Alumni Association Secretariat is making the following announcement.

(1)Activities in FY2020 will generally be carried out online.
However, if holding a face-to-face event in your country or region is feasible, please consult with the APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

(2)When planning and holding online events, an Event Planning Sheet must still be submitted and approved by the board team, and necessary expenditures therein will be reimbursed.
Unused budget for FY2020 will be carried over into the next year.
In addition, when the influence of COVID-19 has subsided and face-to-face events become possible, the budget will be handed over to Chapters in a lump sum.
Furthermore, Chapters which make use of the budget must submit an Income and Expenditure Report at the end of the year in accordance with the Chapter Expense Manual.
For Groups, budget expenses will be settled as before.

(3)Please follow University policy in regards to student participation.

(4)Should the COVID-19 infection spread in the area where a face-to-face event is intended to be held, please cancel the event immediately.

If you have any question, please free to contact to APU Alumni Association Secretariat.

【APU Alumni Association Secretariat (Obase/Eto)】
Email address
Phone number:+81-977-78-1103(Direct)



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