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APU Alumni Interview

In this page, we’re displaying some articles about introducing APU alumni who had developed their activities in their school days. Some articles are mainly written by APU Student Press Assistant and interviewees spoke nostalgically of what they had done and what they they had experienced.
Why don’t we reminisce about your memory in APU through these articles?

If you are interested in reading them, please access to the below banners or access to the website of “For APU Students From APU Students”! Furthermore, if you know an alumnus whom you would like to have featured, or if you would like to have an article about yourself featured on this page, please get in touch with us.

<Interviewed Alumni( just a little sample)>

| Ms. CUI Mengmeng (2003, APS)
| Mr. Kenichi Tanaka (2006, APS)

| Mr. Yasuhiro Wakabayashi (2007, APM)
| Mr. SRILAL Karunarathne (2007, APM)

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