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Let’s meet up at Okinawa!

We, APU Alumni Association will hold an event on the 13th May (Fri) at Okinawa for the first time.

We would like to discuss how we make opportunities to gather APU alumni.

This sounds little bit formal, but it’s enough that you have a passion to meet APU alumni in Okinawa!

Please feel free to join this event.


Date: 13th May (Fri) 2016

Time: start from 19:00pm

Venue: Cafe ONE OR EIGHT

Participation fee:Free(APU Alumni Association will cover the meal cost)

Application: Please click here

Application deadline: 5th May (Thu)


* We can prepare the baby sitter for those who have a child.

Please feel free to contact us. (*There are some cases that we cannot meet your requirements. We would appreciate your understanding.)

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