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Dear Alumni who reside in Kanto region

Dear Alumni who reside in Kanto region

As you may know, APU has been chosen as one of the university in ‘Top Global University Project’ last year.In order to become No. 1 Global Learning University in the world, we continue to carry out

various reform in the next decade.

On Saturday, December 12, we will have “Opinion Exchange Session with Alumni” in Tokyo and

we would like to hear your opinions on our university education. The President, Deans,

Faculty and staff members and around 20 alumni will join the session.

Date and Time: 11:00-16:30, Saturday, December 12 *Complementary Lunch provided.

Venue: Conference room near Roppongi, Tokyo

Numer of alumni we are recruiting for this session:

2 to 3 people from APS graduates (International only)

1 to 2 peple from APM graduates

1 to 2 people from GSM/GSA /PhD graduates

Please fill out below survey by 24th, November, if you wish to participate for this hearing session.
Survey: Click here
We will contact those whom we ask for cooperation by 25th after considering your nationality and the career after the graduation.
We look forward to hearing your opinions from the perspective of alumni to create better APU.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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