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Annnouncement for the Chapter Leader’s Guidance conducted through Skype (Materials added)

Dear Chapter Representatives and Chapter Treasurers

Thank you for daily administrating your chapters.

We have heard your concerns during the Chapter Leaders Meeting in August this year regarding managing each chapter. Since that time there were particularly many questions about expenses, we would like to hold a guidance for you using Skype that focuses on this topic to explain in detail and provide answers.

Please make sure to attend this guidance. We recommend that as many people as possible participate together as the Guidance will deepen the understanding within the chapters. Many people can participate at the same time on Skype.

Contents of the guidance

1.Explanation of the expenditure manual and Q&A

2.About the administration of the Alumni Association from now on (regarding RLM, etc)


It will take from one to one and a half hours

Please decide who will participate from every chapter and register in Doodle Link as many available time ranges as possible from the time ranges below by Dec 3 (Wed). We will inform the time of the guidance after that.

In the column “name” write your chapter’s name and your name. Then write your name and mail address in the column “Comment”. For the meeting, log in to Skype and search [Alumni 10th] to join the meeting.

・The time ranges are all in Japan time so please be aware of the time difference.

・Many people from the chapter can participate. (It is suggested that the President and the Treasurer participate)

・Many chapters can participate at the same time.

・We will conduct the same guidance for every time range so you only need to participate once.

The end of message.

APU Alumni Association Board Team

<MATERIALS fo Guidance>

Accounting Manual2015ENG_完成1205  (Eng Ver.)

経理処理マニュアル 2015_完成Ver1205   (JPN Ver.)

Financial Disclosure 201411

 Form1 企画書Plan(補助金申請あり With_Subsidy_Request)

Form2 イベント報告書Event Report

Form3 清算書Accounting Report

Form4 参加者リストEvent Participants List

Form5 企画書Plan(補助金申請なしWithout_Subisdy_Request)

Form6 新卒補助金領収書 Reecipt of Financial Support for New Graduate

Form7 チャプター登録メンバーリストList of Registered Members_

Form8E Sample Receipt_

Form8J 領収書サンプル_

Form9 会計責任者 銀行口座登録用紙 日本国内送金用Treasurer and Bank Account Registration Form — Domestic Transfer Japan

Form10 会計責任者 銀行口座登録用紙 海外送金用Treasurer and Bank Account Registration Form — International Transfer

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