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【Your comment needed/Deadline extended】We need alumni’s comments on “APU2030 VISION” now

Request for Comments on the APU2030 Vision


Nearly 15 years has passed since our university was founded in 2000. During that time, APU has led the internationalization of Japanese universities by adopting bilingual education and biannual admission systems and building a multicultural environment unparalleled the world over.

Meanwhile, the situation surrounding APU and higher education continues to change daily. Amid this fluid situation, the roles that APU should play withinJapanand on the global stage have changed and will continue to change going forward.

What will APU look like in 10 years? What roles will APU play in the world in 2020? in 2030?

The APU2030 Vision is a picture of what APU will be like 10 and even 15 years down the road. We would like to hear your opinions on the future of APU and its students. Once we hear from you, we will formulate a final draft of the APU2030 Vision by December 2014.

■About the APU2030 Vision

The APU2030 Vision is based on three major pillars.

1. Basic Principle of the APU2030 Vision

This refers to the basis upon which we think about what shape APU may take in 2030. It is a reaffirmation of our basic ideals of Freedom, Peace and Humanity, International Mutual Understanding, and the Future Shape of the Asia Pacific region that were initially declared in the APU Opening Declaration in 2000.

Furthermore, it is central to APU’s raison d’être—the idea that students currently studying at APU, and the alumni who have gone before them, can change the world. In this era of unceasing conflict and friction, we believe that APU’s mission is to create a new form of value in which different cultures can peacefully coexist and to continue producing alumni with this ability.

2. Goals for Student Development in the APU2030 Vision

These refer to the ideal human resources APU aims to produce in accordance with the basic ideals of the APU2030 Vision and the Opening Declaration of 2000. They are a concrete list of things we expect our students—who we believe can change the world—will be able to do.

3. APU2030 Vision

As for the actions that APU will undertake towards realizing the basic principle and the goals for student development in the APU2030 Vision, we have formulated a list of “APU will” statements.

・   What is Global Learning?

Education on APU’s campus, a microcosm of the world, where students study foreign cultures and global systems and issues as they learn to respect each other, accept each other’s differences, and overcome occasional conflict to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to succeed in a multicultural society

APU aims to create the world’s “No. 1 Global Learning Community”. Going beyond merely creating a multicultural campus, this is an effort to improve the quality of our education by effectively linking the multicultural campus to student growth. In turn, the activities undertaken by our students and alumni and the excellent reputations they develop will help enhance APU’s value in the global arena.

Please post precious comments from this SURVEY on/before Wed.December 31. (It has been extended  despite Dec.7 is indicated in the SURVEY)

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APU2030 Vision (Draft)

1.Basic Principle

Students that study at APU will change the world.

In this multicultural society, many different values are held; opposition and friction are bound to occur. However, by understanding and accepting cultural and historical differences and using dialogue as a focal point, we can overcome conflict and together create a peaceful world of global citizens. This is the core of APU’s visions for “Freedom, Peace, and Humanity”, “International Mutual Understanding”, and the “Future Shape of the Asia Pacific Region”.

APU graduates, each pursuing freedom and peace in Japan and globally, while acting for the sake of others and society, will change the world.

2.Goals in Student Development

Under the Basic Principles, APU strives to prepare our graduates to become globally competent who

①     Interact and dialogue with others effectively to create an enriched, peaceful society and world.

②     Play leading roles in today’s complex, fast-changing society.

③     Continue to be groundbreakers as change-makers and innovators.

④     Tolerate differences, new ideas, unfamiliar challenges and create new values and ideas from diverse perspectives

⑤     Inspire others to become globally competent and grow as lifelong global citizens

3.2030 Vision

To “Create the world’s No. 1 Global Learning Community”,

①    APU will provide multicultural students and professionals the world’s most diverse, multicultural, and multinational global leaning environment.

②    APU will create learning, social, and living environments that produce graduates who take lead, create, and make changes in the world.

③    In order to provide continuous global-standard education, APU will adopt methods for quality assurance and advancement of international academic research, in addition to teaching content and methods that follow international standards, in genuine pursuit of international-level university management and governance.

④    In order to provide an academic environment of international-standard, APU will stress the importance of international content amongst faculty and staff.

⑤  Alumni across the globe are an asset to APU. As an important piece of the APU Global Learning Community, APU will promote the participation of APU alumni and stakeholders across the globe in our planning process.

―Graduates who have experienced a global standard education in the world’s No. 1 Global Learning Community will go on to contribute to the world. APU will thus become a globally recognized and globally chosen university.

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