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Join a booth at the Tenku Festival ~Let’s Enjoy the life just like we used to when we were students~

The 10th anniversary Grand Finale is just around the corner,

It will take place at the same time as Tenku Festival at APU.

We have prepared a booth so you can participate and remember the times when you were a student!

In APU there is a group called Loop.A.S(a student group of Alumni Assoc.),

You will be able to work with them in their booth selling tapioca drinks.

Let’s take this chance to enjoy the booth with the students!!

【Application form】

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24 Oct, 2014 12:00(Japan time)


You will be selling tapioca drinks provided by Loop.A.S together with the student members.

※The profits will entirely go to Loop.A.S.

Time and Date:Nov 1, 2

【Time for both days】

10:00-11:00 2 people

11:00-12:00 2 people

12:00-13:00 2 people

13:00-14:00 2 people

14:00-15:00 2 people

15:00-16:00 2 people

16:00-17:00 2 people

17:00-18:00 2 people

・We go by hourly.

・Only up to 2 consecutive hours per person.

・We expect 2 people per hour but there might be more.

Please invite your friends too.

We look forward to your registration.

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