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APU Alumni Association 10th Anniversary Event Grand FINALE

APU Alumni Association 10th Anniversary Event Grand FINALE



(From Friday October 31st  to  Sunday November 2nd)

☆Message from Mr.Yagi and Mr.Yoshida.☆

〇YAGI Yohei (10th Anniversary Committee Leader)

Dear Alumni

Hello, my name is Yohei Yagi and I am the chairman of the Planning and Implementing Committee of the APU Alumni Association’s 10th Anniversary. As you all know, this year is APU Alumni Association’s 10th Anniversary and it will soon come to an end. All of us, 22 chapters and over 600 alumni, have celebrated this 10th anniversary and connected to each other. We will hold the grand finale Beppu to commemorate the end of the anniversary and celebrate a new starting point. It will be on November 1st and 2nd, on the same days that the Tenkusai will take place. So this is not only the finale, but also a chance to enjoy APU, the Tenkusai and Beppu city. We expect friends to come from all over the world that day.
We would like to invite you to come here to Beppu not only as guests, since we also plan to organize events which you can be part of. I look forward to seeing you here in Beppu on that day.

〇YOSHIDA Seitaka(Alumni Association Chairperson

Dear APU Alumni,

Hello, I am Seitaka Yoshida, the Chairperson of APU Alumni Association. It has been 10 years since APU produced graduates after it’s inauguration in 2000. In other words, it has been 10 years since APU Alumni Association was established. The number of alumni now goes over 10,000 people from 120 countries all around the world. I think I am not exaggerating when I say that APU Alumni Association is now a global organization. Chapters from countries and regions all around the world have conducted various events to commemorate this 10th anniversary milestone. Finally, to tie all alumni bonds together, we will hold the finale in Beppu. I want this event to be our chance to reflect on the road we have walked on the past 10 years and also the first step to put a start to the next 10 years. Our 10th Anniversary Implementation Committee, Chapters, and volunteer alumni have been meeting to make plans to welcome alumni from Japan and overseas. We are working on a program even better than the Home Coming Day held in 2010 so everyone can enjoy it.

I hope that the Finale of the 10th Anniversary of APU Alumni Association will be a chance not only to deepen our friendship with our old friends but also to have new encounters. I sincerely hope all of you can participate.

☆Special Gift☆
〇About the bus ticket

Alumni Association will give away one Kamenoi Bus’s Two-day Free Ticket to every alumni (APU graduate only) who takes part in the Grand Finale for free of charge!! Please register from the SURVEY below before October 28th. On arrival to the APU campus, visit Alumni Registration Desk to pick up. Get the free bus ticket and enjoy not only the event but also the city of Beppu ♪♪

Alumni Registration will be located outside the Cafeteria facing the water foutain.  Make sure to visit the Registration.  That’s where everything begins!

Application form is click here

〇About accommodation

To celebrate the 10th anniversary with more people, the Alumni Association has provided Seminar Rooms in the AP House for 2 nights, October 31st and November 1st especially for you.


1.An AP House Seminar Room is for 8 persons (Male and Female will be in separated rooms) thus it does not cater for family use.

2.No smoking in the room

3. Charge 2,000yen per night. No food or amenities are provided.

There are some other rules for the use of the Seminar Room. Please apply only if you can comply with the rules.

Application form is click here

Use of Seminar House is Click here

〇About visa

We are sorry that APU and APU Alumni Association could issue a letter of guarantee or an invitation letter. We recommend you to use a tourist visa. However, the simple announcement letter can be issued (only for APU graduates). Please apply from the Survey below before October 10th if you need one.

Letter sample is click here

Application form is click here

☆Announcement of Event☆

〇Job Hunting Seminar sponsored by Singapore chapter

It is a lecture by graduates working in Singapore!Please join us!

Date:10/31(Fri) 14:15~15:55 11/1(Sat) 9:30~11:00  Place:31st F110, 1st F301
〇Exchange event with current student

Time & Date:11/1 11:00~12:30   Place:UNION Ⅱ 2nd floor Presentation space(The 2nd floor of the Coop)
〇“Green‐Challenge ”Tug-of-War by alumni, students and local citizens

             (in collaboration with Ritsumeikan Univesity Oita Alumni Association)

Time: November 1st around 11:30-13:30 Place: lawn by the Library

Do it APU way! Beyond the borders, fields, ages or anything, get the feeling of being united as one by pulling one rope together.
〇A panel discussion with 1st President Sakamoto sensei, 2nd Cassim sensei, and the current Korenaga sensei,

   together with the alumni and the current students.

Time:November 1st 14:00-16:00  Place:F105

It is such a rare and precious opportunity for the three APU presidents to get together. Do not miss this chance to discuss about the next APU       in 10 years. We will have reports from the various chapter on their 10th Anniversary Events. You will get to know our alumni’s activities all             over the world.
〇Alumni Association Grand Finale Party

Dat:November 1st 17:30-20:00  Place:Hosenso 5-73, Aoyamacho, Beppushi

TEL 0977-23-4281

We have the party in the city in order for more alumni to be able to participate to celebrate the finale of the 10th Anniversary. Let’s enjoy the reunion with your old and new friends. You are most welcome to join. Free of charge. No registration necessary.

〇Let’s go to graduate school

Time & date:11/2 9:00~13:30 Reception 13:30~15:30 /  Place :F208 、F211  Reception  Pacific cafe

Alumni who have continued their study to graduate schools will share their experience with the current students and other alumni. It the best opportunity for those who think about going to a graduate school.

〇Alumni Association Stands

The Alumni Association and Loop.A.S. (a student leg of the Alumni Association) will have stands. Come and see what we will be selling!! There might be some special offer for alumni? The Shanghai Chapter will have a corner in the flee market too. Drop by when you see them.

〇Flea Market by Shaghai Chapter

Shanghai Chapter will come and join the flee market.

Date&Time : all day November 1st and 2nd  Place: Flee Market area

〇Room for the same year graduates

There will be rooms available for each graduation year in the class room building. There will be message boards for you. Let’s use it to meet up with your old friends.



There will be more programs coming up. (Now we are planning Challenge the Guinness record and Mingling with current students) They will be announced through the website. Check out our website.

〇About Tenkusai and 12th Asia Pacific Conference


 Tenkusai are scheduled to be held November 1st from around 11:00 to 17:00, 2nd from around 11:00 to 19:30.

The detail will be announced on the web. URL:
●Asia Pacific Conference

12th Asia Pacific Conference is an academic conference on Asia Pacific Studies.

The theme is “Ethics, Human Security and Sustainability” and a number of APU faculty members and students will deliver a presentation.


※Programs(Subject to change. Please check the web before you come)

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