APM Business Lecture Series in Tokyo 2014

Under the initiative of the Dean of APM, Professor Yokoyama Kenji, APU is offering a business lecture series in Tokyo. This series of lectures is scheduled to be held 3 times this year addressing different topics. The lectures will be held on the second Saturday of June, September and December. All lectures are in English.

Please use this opportunity to not only improve your practical skills but also to share experiences and insights from your professional career with APU friends in the multi- national APU classroom setting.

(June) Theme: International Trade Contracts and Cases by Prof. Yokoyama Kenji

(September) Theme: Marketing Strategy and Cases by Prof. Alcantara Lailani L.

(December) Theme: Consumer Behavior – Theories and Practices by Prof. Lee Geunhee

*The themes or lectures are subject to change.

The program will comprise of a lecture and discussion followed by free interaction over a cup of coffee. We will invite a few APU graduates each time to present real case studies from their work experiences.

☆APM Business Lecture Series-Vol. I (June)☆

Time:1:30 p.m.-16:45 p.m., Saturday, June 14, 2014

Venue: Wasedajyuku, Osaki,Shinagawa School,1-5-11 Osaki,


Instructor: Prof. Yokoyama Kenji,

Language: English

Contents and schedule

Theme: International Trade Contracts and cases

13:30 Open

14:00-15:30 Lecture

15:30-15:45 Networking

15:45-17:00 Case study and discussions

17:00-17:30 Networking

Entry: Free

Seating capacity:40

*Your friends or colleagues are welcome to join. Early reservation will be recommended.

Please register from the following website.

Website for application

Contact : ITO Kenji(Mr.), Office of the President, APU

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