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Recruitment of members for the “APU Alumni Association 10th Anniversary Project“(working title)

To all APU alumni,


My name is Yohei Yagi (2009 graduate).


As the title states, we are currently looking for members to assist in planning for APU Alumni Association’s 10th Anniversary.


The APU Alumni Association was founded in 2003 as the first batch of graduates left APU. This year marks the Association’s 10th anniversary. We would like to have an event to celebrate the 10 years and usher in the future of the Association. At present, there are no specific plans outlining the venue, duration and other details are in place. We welcome you to contribute your ideas and skills as we start planning from zero.




q     Deadline:       Friday, June 7 by 17:00Japan time.

q     Requirements: Passionate APU graduates who would be willing to contribute to the planning and management of the program with passion and able to attend meetings (including online meetings) <.Japanese will be mainly used >

q     Number of recruits: a few

q     Application: Copy the items below, fill in your details and send toYagi

◆    Name:

◆    Year of graduation:

◆    Current address:

◆    Telephone number:

◆    Email address:

◆    Reason for applying (even one line is okay).


NOTE: If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, the deadline may be moved forward or a draw may be held.


We look forward to receiving your applications.



Yohei Yagi,Tokyo



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