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Alumni Seminar by the Tokyo Chapter and End of Year Party -December 15th (Saturday)

Warm greetings from the APU Alumni in Tokyo.

We are very excited to invite you to participate in the two events outlined below:

1) Seminar to be conducted by APU Alumni

2) End of year Party

★☆ Part 1 : Seminar to be conducted by APU Alumni ★☆

We will invite 3 Alumni to share their unique experiences from their field of specialty.

This is an open seminar for APU Alumni and current APU students.

We believe that not being able to share experiences and skills acquired after graduation is such a waste and therefore decided to highlight this seminar as a beginning of a continuous event for the benefits of all.

Participation fee: Free of Charge

Things to bring: Writing materials + business cards

APU student Guest Speaker: 近日公開


15:30 Door Open

16:00 Seminar Starts (about 1.5 hours)

17:30 Seminar Ends

★☆ Part 2 – 2012 End of Year Party ★☆

As we draw near to the conclusion of the year 2012, we would like to organize this party as an opportunity for all to intermingle and appreciate each other’s presence. This would definitely be a brilliant occasion for network making before we move on to 2013.

Participation fee: 3,100yen (Buffet style, all you can drink plus games)

Place: PRONTO -プロント- イルバール八重洲さくら通り店


18:00 Door Open

18:15 All you can drink course start

20:15 All you can drink course end

Please complete the survey below to confirm your participation:

URL:Click Here


※ If you wish, you may participate in either Part 1 or Part 2 only

※ Maximum number of participants for the Part 2 Party is 80.

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