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[Kansai x Fukuoka Alumni Association: Autumn Morning Activity Plan]Autumnal Readings


This is an announcement from the Kansai x Fukuoka Alumni Association.
Have you been less likely to introduce yourself lately? I think that when we were students (APU), we often introduced ourselves and talked about our dreams in various ways.
While we are missing the fall semester freshman workshop, we have arranged an event to talk about your favorite books. Moreover, it starts from the 2nd period. Bring your book and drinks !

Date: 10/30(Saturday) 10/30~12:00
Venue: Online
Language: Japanese and English

We will proceed loosely and just like APU. If you can participate, please fill out the questionnaire from the link below.

Full event details will be snnounced on the Kansai Chapter’s group page at a late.
We are looking forward to seeing you all !
* It is not a biblio battle.

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